Miasma Swells
2010 | 6 minutes | Color | Silent | 16mm

Bells swing, grasses blur -- a fence -- colors swoop, buildings radiate with energy, tree on fire, etc... bells return...

"There is, of course, the colour. But in the colour we do not go so many places. The colour is not used in a way to insinuate different perceptual qualities. It seems to me more about rhythm and colour itself… It is narrative, in a sense, not in the senses, but in the different objects / environments that we glimpse and bullet through. There are only a few, but our relationship to them is extreme. It is on the verge of violence. I hear harsh sounds and goofy sounds (not to any dumb degree) next to each other. I wish I could match the tones in sound and arrange in rhythm to the images."
- Jesse Carsten